Converter Network Access Agreement

Converter Network Access Agreement


 In addition to the Terms and Conditions applicable to all users of the U.CASH platform, you, as a Converter, are subject to this additional Converter Network Access Agreement. 



Acceptance of our Converter Network Access Agreement means your agreement to the accepted usage of our network for Peer-to-Peer converter services between you and other users.

In detail, you agree that:

You will adhere to all local and national laws in your area(s) of operation. 

You will adhere to any and all necessary Anti-Money Laundering, Know-Your Customer, Counter-Terrorist Financing, Money Service business, and any other required regulations in your area(s) of operation.

You will ensure your services are not being used for criminal activity, and if such activity is found after the fact, you agree to follow all local and country regulations and laws for reporting and compliance requirements.

You will report any suspicious transactions, activity, or entities involving the U.CASH platform to us immediately by contacting us at the email address we have provided you for this purpose.

You will abide by all Terms and Conditions contained in the U.CASH Terms and Conditions you agreed to previously.

You will abide by all provisions of this Converter Network Access Agreement.



An ad may be placed on the platform by using the "post an ad" screen. Users will find your ad(s) when browsing through the "load" and "unload" options, under "user services" in the menu.

We may hide, remove, or impose limits on your ability to post ads, if you violate the U.CASH Terms of Service or any other agreement you enter into with U.CASH, any of its partners, affiliates, Converters, other users, or as otherwise specified in the U.CASH Terms of Service or other agreements you have entered into with U.CASH.  We may also use fraud, risk analysis and modelling when assessing the risk and activities associated with your Converter account on a continued basis. 



 In-Person Converter Ads are advertisements where two users meet locally and interact in person between each other. These transactions are usually for cash, but can also be completed with approved debit or credit cards at retail Converters. These ads appear under "Deposit cash in-store" (for Loading) and "Withdraw cash in-store" (for Unloading).

You are allowed to have active ads with only one account at a time.  Multiple ads per city are not allowed unless the ads are limited to different customer groups and have price differences of at least 2.5%.



 Online Converter ads are advertisements where two users interact remotely between each other.  These transactions can be completed using various methods including Bank Transfers, E-Mail or SMS Money Transfers, Transfer companies, and other settlement options.  These ads appear under "Deposit Cash Online" (for Loading) and "Withdraw Cash Online" (for Unloading). 

 Only one of your accounts is allowed to have active ads at any point in time.  You must list your ads under the correct payment method. Multiple ads for the same payment method are not allowed in the same country unless the ads are limited to different customer groups and have price differences of at least 2.5%.



 Specific Terms and Conditions applicable to Converter-User interactions are found in the User Terms and Conditions document, under the following chapters:

Converter & Peer-to-Peer transactions

Disputes with Converter transactions



 If any provision or part of these Terms is found to be invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, such invalidity or unenforceability will attach only to such provision or part of such provision and the remaining part of such provision and all other provisions in these Terms shall continue in full force and effect.



 As a user of the U.CASH site, you are responsible for complying with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction(s) in which you operate and any requirements related to your citizenship.

 The materials and all other content in the U.CASH site and network are presented solely for the purpose of providing services for the users of the U.CASH site and network.  The U.CASH site and portal are controlled and operated by U.CASH Inc., Canada. and this agreement will be governed by the laws of Ontario and Canada.


Last Revised: February 21, 2018.